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Re: New Budgie

Posted by kitty.J on 1/19/06
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    On 12/28/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/28/05, Stephanie wrote:
    >> Hi. I just bought a new budgie from a local pet store &
    >> I'm trying to figure out approximately how old he is.
    >> He's tiny, he actually fit through the bars of my big
    >> dage, so I've got him in a smaller budgie size cage.
    >> Anyway, he's still got pin feathers on is head and down on
    >> his breast but his tail & flight feathers are in.
    >> I used to have a conure & she ate a lot of fruits, should
    >> I give my budgie those as well?
    >> Thanks!
    >> Stephanie
    > I can't even entertain this as a legitimate post.
    > Your "new budgie" needs hand feeding formula, not fruit.
    > The "new budgie" is NOT weaned and probably will die if your
    > description of the bird is accurate.
    > Michael L

    Has the bird eaten??
    It should be on a parakeet mix, or finch mix. I use finch mix
    because my birds love the golden seed and the long canary
    seeds, and they usually will eat millet last and the black
    seed last. Yes fruits andveggies should be fed to your baby.
    You baby either sound very young, or is molting, or just got
    past the weaning stage. Did th epet store tell you you needed
    to handfeed, or was it obvious. I am not sure unless i take a
    peak at the bird, good luck