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Re: New Budgie

Posted by Michael L on 12/28/05
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    On 12/28/05, Stephanie wrote:
    > Hi. I just bought a new budgie from a local pet store &
    > I'm trying to figure out approximately how old he is.
    > He's tiny, he actually fit through the bars of my big
    > dage, so I've got him in a smaller budgie size cage.
    > Anyway, he's still got pin feathers on is head and down on
    > his breast but his tail & flight feathers are in.
    > I used to have a conure & she ate a lot of fruits, should
    > I give my budgie those as well?
    > Thanks!
    > Stephanie

    I can't even entertain this as a legitimate post.
    Your "new budgie" needs hand feeding formula, not fruit.
    The "new budgie" is NOT weaned and probably will die if your
    description of the bird is accurate.

    Michael L