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Re: New Budgie

Posted by Stephanie on 12/29/05
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    Thank you for being extremely rude to someone who is TRYING to
    learn and asking questions. How thoughtful of you to provide
    an inconsiderate post to a stranger seeking information! How
    I ever got a long without such a helpful response is beyond

    How about, just a wild thought here, being NICE and sharing
    some knowledge (which is all I was seeking)?

    I'm not sure how you feel justified in being completely rude
    to someone you don't know. I was simply asking questions in
    the interests of my bird. Do you feel like a big man now
    since you were snob to a girl you don't know and will never

    Thanks for nothing.

    > I can't even entertain this as a legitimate post.
    > Your "new budgie" needs hand feeding formula, not fruit.
    > The "new budgie" is NOT weaned and probably will die if your
    > description of the bird is accurate.
    > Michael L