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Re: New Budgie

Posted by Michael L on 12/29/05
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    On 12/29/05, Stephanie wrote:
    > Thank you for being extremely rude to someone who is TRYING to
    > learn and asking questions. How thoughtful of you to provide
    > an inconsiderate post to a stranger seeking information! How
    > I ever got a long without such a helpful response is beyond
    > me.
    > How about, just a wild thought here, being NICE and sharing
    > some knowledge (which is all I was seeking)?
    > I'm not sure how you feel justified in being completely rude
    > to someone you don't know. I was simply asking questions in
    > the interests of my bird. Do you feel like a big man now
    > since you were snob to a girl you don't know and will never
    > meet?
    > Thanks for nothing.
    > Stephanie

    You dont' know me, but I have a high tolerance for the ignornat
    and uninformed. So spare me the cavalier attitude about having
    your feelings hurt.
    Birdmart gets postings such as yours that send up red flags by
    the wording they contain. Usually, they are from thrill seekers
    who are trying to stir up controversy with bizarre subject matter
    such as what you posted.
    If you truly have a budgie that is still in down and only has
    head, wing and tail feathers, that bird is NOT weaned. A
    reputable breeder or store would never have allowed that bird to
    be sold to you or anyone else.
    I don't care how you "feel" or if you think I was rude.
    The poor bird should still be hand fed with hand feeding formula.
    Period. Do what's right for the bird.

    Michael L