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Re: Budgies nesting material

Posted by Michael L on 12/29/05
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    On 12/29/05, Sarah wrote:
    > I have a nest box for my 2 parakeets, and i also got a
    > little box of nesting material also, that you hang inside
    > the cage, and there is a hole in it, so the birds can pull
    > the material out of it and carry it inside their nest.
    > Well, my female is pulling it out all right, but even
    > though she has been in her nest once in a while, she won't
    > bring it in there. She just keeps throwing it around the
    > cage ( I keep finding on the ground, and not in their nest
    > box) . Will she ever figure out what to do with it? Any
    > help is greatly appreciated! ~Sarah :) P.S. They have
    > showed a few signs that they are interested in mating also.
    > P.P.S. And since this has happened before, this post is
    > only ment to be replyed by people who will help me with
    > THIS situation, not giving me other advise about breeding.
    > I may post some questions about breeding in general later,
    > but not now. :)


    The string nesting material that you bought is not designed
    for budgies/parakeets. It is for canaries and finches. And
    even at that, it is a dangerous material to use even though
    they sell it for such. The strings are small and can wrap
    themselves around the legs of the adult and potential baby
    birds causing restriction to the leg.
    Budgies only need aspen or hemp shavings in their nest box to
    make them happy and to raise a family. They will remove some
    of it to their liking and leave the rest.

    Michael L