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Re: Budgies nesting material

Posted by Andie on 12/29/05
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    On 12/29/05, Sarah wrote:

    > P.P.S. And since this has happened before, this post is
    > only ment to be replyed by people who will help me with
    > THIS situation, not giving me other advise about breeding.
    > I may post some questions about breeding in general later,
    > but not now. :)


    Throw the nesting material you bought away. It is not safe
    for budgies to use. It is stringy and they can get caught in
    it. Budgies generally don't like nesting material in their
    boxes. Get some pine shavings or a small thing of carefresh
    from Wal-Mart and put it in the nestbox about an inch deep.
    She will take out what she doesn't want.

    For future reference...if you want specific help on a
    problem, search engines are a wonderful thing. I suggest you
    type in "breeding budgies" in any search engine. You will
    find out most of what you need to know in that manner.