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Re: Budgies nesting material/Andie

Posted by Michael L on 12/29/05
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    On 12/29/05, Andie wrote:
    > Throw the nesting material you bought away. It is not safe
    > for budgies to use. It is stringy and they can get caught in
    > it. Budgies generally don't like nesting material in their
    > boxes. Get some pine shavings or a small thing of carefresh
    > from Wal-Mart and put it in the nestbox about an inch deep.
    > She will take out what she doesn't want.
    > For future reference...if you want specific help on a
    > problem, search engines are a wonderful thing. I suggest you
    > type in "breeding budgies" in any search engine. You will
    > find out most of what you need to know in that manner.

    Seems that great minds think alike! :)

    Michael L