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Re: Nest Box Removal

Posted by Michael L on 1/03/06
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    On 1/01/06, Sarah wrote:
    "Would it be too
    > weird to take the box out of their cage now, and then
    > replace it in a few months? They have had it for 1 week,
    > and my female has been spending a lot of time in it. Any
    > help is much appreciated! ~Sarah~

    Well let's see...there aren't any breeders that I know that
    use words like "weird" when describing taking a box from a
    bird that's been encouraged to go to nest by it's
    owner/breeder. Questions such as "would it be appropriate?"
    or "would it be cruel?", but not "would it be weird?"
    If she's gone into breeding mode there is a very good chance
    that you will have eggs with or without the box. Don't
    worry, Sarah, many a baby budgie has been brought into the
    world having it's mother lay and incubate her eggs on the
    bottom of a cage floor. If they don't make it, not a
    problem. They'll be happy to give you more babies when you
    feel the time is right to give them a nest box.
    Good luck! :)

    Michael L