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Re: New addition

Posted by Andie on 1/06/06
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    Congratulations on your new addition. It sounds as though
    you're off to a great start. Patience will be the key to
    winning Boo over. If you can already pet her feet and chest
    that's definately a good sign. Just keep that up a couple
    times a day and offer her a spray of millet right outside her
    reach so she has to get on your hand to eat it. Make sure she
    knows what the millet is first so it doesn't scare her. Once
    she knows what it is and decides she likes it (budgies love
    millet) then only give it to her when she is on your hand or
    out of the cage with you. That will make her associate being
    with you as a good thing. Talk softly and be patient and it
    will all work out!

    Below is one of my favorite budgie sites. It doesn't list
    anything on training, but if you want to find out what sex and
    color mutation you have then check it out!


    Educational Budgie Pix