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Re: New addition

Posted by Patrina on 1/06/06
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    On 1/06/06, Andie wrote:
    > Congratulations on your new addition. It sounds as though
    > you're off to a great start. Patience will be the key to
    > winning Boo over. If you can already pet her feet and chest
    > that's definately a good sign. Just keep that up a couple
    > times a day and offer her a spray of millet right outside her
    > reach so she has to get on your hand to eat it. Make sure she
    > knows what the millet is first so it doesn't scare her. Once
    > she knows what it is and decides she likes it (budgies love
    > millet) then only give it to her when she is on your hand or
    > out of the cage with you. That will make her associate being
    > with you as a good thing. Talk softly and be patient and it
    > will all work out!
    > Below is one of my favorite budgie sites. It doesn't list
    > anything on training, but if you want to find out what sex and
    > color mutation you have then check it out!
    > Andie

    Thank you SO much Andie, I will definatly start that tomorrow,
    she/he has a honey bar in the cage which she loves shall I move
    that out?
    I love this little bird to bits, we always had budgies when I
    was younger but my Dad done all the hard work I just reaped the
    pleasure of having a very tame 'bestest' friend. I am off to
    check out this site you recommended.
    Thank you once again