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Re: New addition

Posted by Andie on 1/06/06
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    On 1/06/06, Patrina wrote:
    > she/he has a honey bar in the cage which she loves shall I move
    > that out?

    My budgie Sassy loved honey bars too! They really are only a treat
    though and don't reap very many nutritional benefits. I would take
    it out until she is tame, that way all treats come from you. They
    will eat the honey bar instead of their regular food. It's like
    having lettuce, and lettuce with salad dressing. Also try to start
    getting your new friend to try new foods like corn, spinach (once a
    week or so), leafy greens, carrots, pretty much anything that's
    good for you is good for them. No caffine, alcohol, avacado.
    Check the site I listed below for the do's and don'ts of feeding
    fresh food (and diet in general). This will significantly lengthen
    the life of your Boo! Make sure you scroll down to the bottom and
    read the other articles too (how to introduce new foods, top 10
    dangers to pet birds, ect). Enjoy!