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Re: New addition

Posted by Kitty.J on 1/10/06
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    On 1/06/06, Patrina wrote:
    > Hello
    > I have just bought my first Budgerigar, and would like
    > some tips on making his/her time adjusting to our family a
    > relaxing and happy one, 'Boo' as he/she is known is
    > currently residing in my office, the quietest place in the
    > house she/he still has mauve 'cere'is that the word I am
    > looking for?) I am at the stage where I can stroke her/his
    > feet and chest, without him/her getting stressed, how do I
    > him/her to step on to my finger (obviously when she/he is
    > ready)he/she is just so delicate and beautiful, I wish I
    > new how to post pictures! anyway how do I get to the next
    > stage or indeed 'is' that the next stage, I would love
    > some advise.
    > Thank you

    congrats on your new playmate :)