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Posted by Cassie on 1/13/06
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    Having an on-the-go family can be hard on a new bird in the
    house. She really needs the time with everyone. You need to
    set aside time very day for everyone to sit down with her and
    talk to her, teach her games and show her she is one of the

    Times have changed, and your common family is always on the
    roll. Try it in tamdem- everyone should have some part in
    this. At least a half hour a day talking to her, and if you
    have family dinners, bring her cage into the same room with
    your family, well within sight of everyone. This way, she can
    see her whole "flock", and maybe feel more of a part of it.

    On 1/12/06, brittney wrote:
    > i've had my bird for about 5 months now and it still is
    > afraid to be near me or anyone in my family. i do have a
    > rather busy on the run family so she doesnt get as much
    > attention as she needs, but my old bird that recently
    > passed away never had a problem like this. i was wondering
    > if anyone had any ideas of what i could do.

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