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Re: Good News!!

Posted by sara on 1/17/06
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    just leave the nestbox alone,do not keep looking in it to
    see how eggs are, how babies are,and you will soon have
    babies to love. to much checking on the eggs/babies will
    cause the parent birds to get stressed, and once they are
    stressed they could abandon the eggs/babies, stop feeding
    babies after hatching, or even destroy them. the first egg
    will be laid around 10 days after the first mating they will
    do it many times before she lays, if they are going to lay
    (although birds often just mate for fun and do not produce
    any eggs)they will be laid every other day until she has up
    to 6 or 7, incubation takes 18-21 days depending on how
    tight she sits on the eggs.