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Re: Eggs in a clutch

Posted by jill on 1/23/06
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    On 1/23/06, Sarah wrote:
    > How many eggs does a female lay in 1 clutch? Thanks!! P.S.
    > And by the way, my hen has laid 3 eggs so far :)

    depends on the female. usually they will lay anywhere
    between 3 and 8. i have had them go to both ends of that.
    usually the first clutch a male fathers isn't fertile. not
    always but commonly. anyway, by about five days after they
    are laid you can usually candle them and see if they are
    fertile. if you see red viens inside then it's fertile if
    not then usually not. by day 21 if you haven't had any
    hatch, they probably won't. you can leave them in if you
    like. she'll eat them. the calcium is good for them....some
    people don't leave them...totally up to you. anyway, hope
    this helps. jill