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Re: Another Question

Posted by Sarah on 1/25/06
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    On 1/24/06, jill wrote:
    > On 1/24/06, Sarah wrote:
    >> Hey. Another question for you guys. How should I take the
    >> eggs out to check them, if my female will wonder where the
    >> eggs went? She might reject them. ~Sarah
    > you have to be really careful about this. alot of people
    > will tell you to wait till she gets off the eggs. it has
    > been my experience that when i checked them without the
    > mother present she abandon them. the times i have checked
    > them with mom in tow i haven't had this problem. i suppose
    > it depends on how much she trusts you, but if your carefull
    > and try to do it only once(so you'll want to wait till she
    > has finished laying) wait till the last egg laid is at least
    > 5 days old. from 5 days you will see either the red viens or
    > a dark spot that is the chick. unfertile eggs are usually
    > dried out and pretty easy to tell they aren't good. i leave
    > my eggs even if they aren't fertile because mom will sit on
    > them either way. throwing them out sometimes discourages mom
    > from laying again. hope this helps, jill

    So do you mean that i should take them out when she is watching me? She trusts
    me a pretty fair amount. When I check once a day(sometimes less) she is ALWAYS
    close by, when i lift up the cover.(I wait until she is eating or taking a break until i