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Re: Another Question/Thanks!

Posted by Sarah on 1/28/06
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    On 1/26/06, jill wrote:
    > sure it would be fine for you to do this. alot of people do that. some
    > people will do it as the eggs are laid but i discourage this for the
    > previously given reason. i checked on one of my females early on, not
    > only did she abandon the egg...she also plucked out all of the
    > feathers on her underbelly where the egg patches where. thankfully all
    > of her feathers grew back and she settled back down with her mate. i
    > really think some birds are just more nervous than others. i know now
    > to just let her have her privacy until she's ready for me to look in
    > and see whats up. this was a first for me and it wasn't a pleasent
    > experience. i hope i halped some, jill

    Thanks for all of your help!