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Re: Bird-day!! :)Popcorn

Posted by Jim on 2/01/06
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    On 2/01/06, Popcorn wrote:
    > On 1/31/06, Jimbo wrote:
    >> On 1/31/06, Sarah wrote:
    >>> Today is my birdies 1st birdthday!! ~Sarah
    >> ..
    >> It is? The excitement of it all! Are we having a birthday
    >> party? If you send the air fare I will take time off my
    >> studies and get over there! Maybe if you have plenty of money
    >> the 17 great/well behaved Galahs and Cockys. I am looking
    >> after could come also?
    >> Anyway good to see someone loves their birds and so much
    >> better than
    >> not caring.
    >> Have a good day with your birdies 1st birthday mate :)
    >> Jimbo
    > Excellant idea Jim! We could bake a low sugar carrot cake! It
    > would be fun!
    > Popcorn!
    er Popcorn could you make that a "cheesecake" MAYBE??
    The nice elderly lady next door made me a "sago" Christmas cake
    for Christmas - oops think it should have been a pudding but I
    was hungry and ate it as a cake anyway, but it wasn't really the
    best lol but kind thought and she is a top sheila........
    I suppose birds would like crunching carrots in a cake and
    suppose carrots are better than turnips :(