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Re: Budgie at feeder--need help!

Posted by Michael L on 2/03/06
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    On 2/03/06, Fran wrote:
    > On 2/03/06, Laura in Tx wrote:
    >> For the past 3 days(same time) a budgie has been at one of
    >> our feeders.Any tips on capturing this sweetheart would be
    >> appreciated.I have a spare cage out there,but no
    >> interest.Any special treats that would at least keep him
    >> returning?The weather has been warm,but a cold front is on
    >> it's way, and they are calling for 39 as a low
    >> tonight.Raining right now,would love to get him in a warm
    >> home.Thanks for any help!
    > Laura, try one of the "honey stick" treat bars that you can
    > get at any supermarket or petstore. Hang it inside the cage
    > on a back wall and keep watch. If all else fails you can try
    > a net or blanket. Some people suggest using another bird
    > as "bait". If you know someone who has a budgie/parakeet you
    > could bring his cage out there and let him call for a little
    > while. Do not under any circumstances leave the "bait"
    > budgie alone as a predator would snatch him up pronto (even
    > in a cage, not safe) If the budgie gets close to the caged
    > budgie someone could toss a light blanket or sheet over him.
    > Good luck and keep us posted.

    Another suggestion would be to try using a garden hose and
    dousing/soaking the bird with water.
    This is tricky to do as you have to be close enough to the bird
    and your aim with the hose has to be good.
    If you can get the bird wet, it's works very well in capturing
    the bird.
    Fran's suggestion of a honey stick is good too as it's
    something that the bird might be somewhat familiar with.
    Best of luck to you.

    Michael L