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Re: eggs

Posted by sue on 2/04/06
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    may be a silly question.... does she have a mate? if not she
    will know thew eggs are no good and that why she not bothering
    with them.

    On 2/03/06, jill wrote:
    > On 2/03/06, Sandy wrote:
    >> I have a 3yr old female parakeet who does not want to lay
    > on
    >> her eggs, she has laid eggs before, she laid 3 over a year
    >> ago now I found one so far on the bottom of the cage, she
    >> seems to not want anything to do with the eggs, is there
    >> something I can do to try and save the eggs?
    > my first question is do you have a proper nest box? if so,
    > then the chances are the reason you found the egg on the
    > bottom of the cage was because she was having a hard time
    > getting the egg laid. sometimes this happens. it's called
    > egg binding and can be very dangerous or deadly. if she laid
    > it on the bottom though the worst is likely behind you. just
    > watch her for a few days and make sure she doesn't have
    > anymore problems. if she has a good nest box set out of the
    > way that she has good access to she will likely go to the
    > box and lay the rest of the eggs. with her not sitting on
    > the eggs before it could have been because it was her first
    > clutch and she really didn't know what to do but if she
    > refuses to sit on them again this time i would put them
    > under another hen. if that isn't an option, you could get an
    > incubator...this is not as easy as it sounds (just throw
    > them in the incubator and they'll hatch) they have to be
    > turned regularly or the baby will stick to the shell and
    > die. once they hatch you can try to put them with her. this
    > may or may not work....hope this helps some......good luck
    > and keep us posted, jill