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Re: still coming to feeder

Posted by jill on 2/07/06
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    On 2/06/06, Laura in Tx wrote:
    > Budgie still at feeder daily. Can get about 4 ft.
    > takes off.Any more ideas? Not the least bit interested in
    > the cage I put out. Looks very healthy,but still concerned
    > with the temps at night.Thanks!

    the wetting him down with a hose may sound mean but it
    really isn't. i had a budgie that i had clipped just not too
    short. she got out the door(scared me to death) fortunatly
    there was dew on the ground and she got her feathers all wet
    when she landed. when we caught up to her she was trying to
    fly but could go nowhere because her feathers were wet. you
    really should try it. if this one will let you get that
    close very likely you could douse him with a bit of water
    and walla you have him!!!! good luck, jill