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Re: still coming to feeder

Posted by Alison on 2/08/06
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    On 2/08/06, Laura inTx. wrote:

    >> We have several keets that are living happy and free in my area,
    >> they frequent my feeders and my berry trees, along with the flocks
    >> that they have joined. If those birds needed my help, I would be
    >> right there to assist them, but they are doing great, so I don't
    >> interfere. These birds have found acceptance and companionship
    >> with other small birds and have learned to survive and are enjoying
    > living free. I wouldn never take that away from them. -Alison-
    > If one of you with the strong opinions can tell me this Budgie can
    > survive in below freezing temps then I will leave well enough
    > alone.If i wanted a budgie,I would go buy one. But being that I own 2
    > Tiels ,that is not the case.Wow....I thought this site was to assist
    > and advise,excuse me for being concerned.
    Every bird is going to be different when they escape captivity. Some
    will hook up with accepting flocks of native birds and others will
    not. I live in New England, and it is very cold here. The birds that
    join flocks will survive jsut as well as the rest of the flock. A
    single escaped bird will not likely survive alone. Escaped birds that
    are hungry and cold, also know that humans have food and they often
    times will fly to a human when they have no other choice left except to
    die. I gave an opinion and an example, I didn't say anything negative
    toward you, so whats with the attitude? -Alison-