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Re: still coming to feeder

Posted by Laura inTx. on 2/08/06
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    On 2/08/06, Fran wrote:
    > Laura, ignore those last two posts. You are doing the right thing.
    > Budgies are not indigenous to Texas. Undoubtedly this little Budgie
    > was bred in captivity and is an escapee. He will be much happier and
    > safer in his familiar environment (a cage).
    > Inevitably ill-informed people will come out of the woodwork and post.
    > We have to take the good and the bad. Keep trying and keep us posted!

    Thank you Fran......and Alison,the attitude is directed at this Steve
    person mostly."Go buy a Budgie",get real.I adore ALL birds,whether
    captive or wild,I did not think there was a need for sarcasm.Now I will
    go back to the attempt of helping this liitle guy.I apologize to
    Alison,but my instincts tell me to do so.