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Re: Cracked Beak leading to Overgrowth in other beak????

Posted by Michael L on 2/07/06
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    On 2/07/06, Jenny wrote:
    > My Budgie has a cracked upper beak in the left corner. It
    > seems now that the bottom beak is showing through that left
    > corner too much. It seems to me that either her beak is
    > growing too much and only out that chipped side or
    > its...normal??? Any info??

    If her beak is missing a piece or section, the bottom beak
    will probably start to grow into that area because it is not
    meeting the resisitance that the top beak would provide.
    Sometimes with cracked or broken beaks, it helps if an
    experienced avian vet looks at it and possibly corrects the
    problem with grinding or repair.
    It probably isn't the worse thing that could happen, but it
    also probably can be fixed.

    Michael L