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Re: help me foot

Posted by jill on 2/09/06
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    On 2/08/06, MKay wrote:
    > Jill,
    > Did your ven give you an antibiotic for her?
    yes! antibiotic and fresh wraps to keep it clean. she is up and
    moving around very well this morning. eating and being fed by her
    mate. i've kept the cage at 80 suppose that's ok? she seems to be
    doing much much better today than yesterday and i have found a NEW
    AVAIN vet through all of this. my original vet couldn't see her. i
    called someone i was referred to and they are great. really know
    what they are doing with birds and really seem to care alot about
    the owners as well as the animals. you can imagine how distrought
    i was when i found her. the new vet is 45 min from my house (about
    12 farther than the other one) but it's worth every mile to have
    someone that really and truely cares for my birds as much as i do.
    thanks so much you guys for all of your help and suggestions. it
    means so much. i've learned alot over the last year in my
    observence of this board and i think i might have helped one or
    two myself. wounderful to have a place like this when you need it!
    thanks again, jill