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Re: help me foot

Posted by jill on 2/09/06
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    On 2/09/06, Fran wrote:
    > Jill, so glad you had a happy outcome! I found my current avian vet
    > the same way you did, through an emergency. I have to drive a little
    > further now also but it is worth it, especially the peace of mind to
    > know I have (good) emergency care if needed. Wishing a speedy
    > recovery to your little friend.

    thanks again so much. she's doing great...not bothering the wrap much
    either. she was eating millet this morning and her mate was feeding
    her as well....really surprises me how well she gets around with just
    the one foot and her beak. hope she continues to do glad i
    found my new vet! thanks everyone, jill