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Re: Three cheers for Jill

Posted by jill on 2/09/06
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    On 2/09/06, Jim wrote:
    > On 2/09/06, jill wrote: >
    >> thanks again so much. she's doing great...not bothering the wrap much
    >> either. she was eating millet this morning and her mate was feeding
    >> her as well....really surprises me how well she gets around with just
    >> the one foot and her beak. hope she continues to do glad i
    >> found my new vet! thanks everyone, jill
    > ..
    > I reckon when you depart this life Jill you will get "the best seats in
    > Heaven" in the life hereafter mate...
    > You are blessed as is your little friend to have each other as there is
    > something special about a bird who is in trouble and a special bond with
    > the human who cares. I know I am loved (who needs human friends :)by the
    > Galah I rescued from the middle of the road after it had been pelleted
    > with stones by bratty kids. This little guy will not fly away and keeps
    > coming inside and in fact jumps up at the door if he is left outside too
    > long lol as he is now fit and well and could leave me.
    > Jim

    i don't know if i'll get the best seats but i'd be happy with the one's by
    the bird feeder!jill