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Post: update on no foot

Posted by jill on 2/12/06

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    hello everyone. well, my little daisy is doing very well.
    her leg is healing nicely and i think i finally got her to
    leave the wrap alone. she kept chewing it and getting the
    tape stuck to her beak....not fun for her.kitty (her mate)
    still feeds her but she eats on her own as well. i am
    looking in to separating the breeding pairs into breeding
    cages and leaving the community cage for the non-breeding
    birds only. i think this will eliminate all the squabbling
    and hopefully save me from this sort of heartwrenching
    again. wish i could turn the clock back and do it before
    she had the problem....i feel like such a bad parent...i
    just never realized how brutal things could be. anyway, no
    excuses....only solutions...thanks for all of the support
    it means alot, jill

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