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Re: update on no foot

Posted by Popcorn on 2/12/06
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    On 2/12/06, jill wrote:
    > hello everyone. well, my little daisy is doing very well.
    > her leg is healing nicely and i think i finally got her to
    > leave the wrap alone. she kept chewing it and getting the
    > tape stuck to her beak....not fun for her.kitty (her mate)
    > still feeds her but she eats on her own as well. i am
    > looking in to separating the breeding pairs into breeding
    > cages and leaving the community cage for the non-breeding
    > birds only. i think this will eliminate all the squabbling
    > and hopefully save me from this sort of heartwrenching
    > again. wish i could turn the clock back and do it before
    > she had the problem....i feel like such a bad parent...i
    > just never realized how brutal things could be. anyway, no
    > excuses....only solutions...thanks for all of the support
    > it means alot, jill

    Great news! We all make mistakes. Don't beat your self up
    over it! Congrates on having a happy keet!