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Re: male on eggs?this is really wierd!

Posted by jill on 2/19/06
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    On 2/15/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Yes its normal, but usually the female is the only one who
    > sits on eggs and the father and mother sit on hatchlings but
    > mainly its the female.

    i took these eggs out and candled them last night and all 5
    are fertile.....wierd enough but, i had to chase the male out
    of the box to get to the eggs cause he was actually SITTING on
    the eggs himself while the female was out getting food. she
    came back to the box in a huff after i chased him out but when
    they settled down again she fed him! sometimes i see him out
    but usually he's in the box with her alot. i checked his body
    to make sure he wasn't loosing weight and he's not...has
    anyone else here ever seen anything like this? thanks in
    advance, jill