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Re: male on eggs// no budgies here...

Posted by jill on 2/23/06
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    On 2/22/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > My male sits on eggs but not as much as the female. Jill are you
    > sure you don't have the sexes mixed up. Maybe the one you think is
    > the female may be the male. But hey don't be upset if the male is
    > the one sitting on the eggs and the female feeding the male, you
    > should be happy they are taking care of the eggs. When the eggs
    > hatch you should see a difference and the female should be the one
    > sitting on the chicks

    hey, yep i'm sure i have the sexes correct as i saw who was on top
    of whom when the mating took place. as well the male has a blue cere
    and the female a brown one. all 5 eggs have been candled and are
    found to be fertile....really weird!lol the female tries to sit on
    the eggs but the male scooches her over so he can do it. he hardly
    ever comes out of the box....they should start to hatch any time so
    hopefully there will be a change in position..lololol i'll keep you
    posted, jill