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Re: albino's sterile?

Posted by Kitty.J on 2/28/06
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    On 2/26/06, jill wrote:
    > does anyone know if this is true? i thought it to be an
    > old wives tale but have recently heard this from someone i
    > thought would know. i was also told that my two albino
    > parakeets had to be white faced lutino's because they
    > raised chicks? does anyone know anything about this? sorry
    > if it seems like a dumb question but i really want/need to
    > know. thanks in advance,jill

    i never heard albino budgies being sterile. Maybe it was
    just from that one albino that was sterile, hey it happens
    to even colored birds, they may be sterile. But i believe
    this is so because the baby wasn't feed proper greens and
    vitamins, Vitamin E is assentual for birds and their
    reproductive system. Some people may think their birds are
    sterile (like i did) because they didn't produce any fertile
    eggs, but this is so because they didn't feed enough greens
    and eggfood to produce chicks.