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Re: trying to put on pics michael L

Posted by Michael L on 3/05/06
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    On 3/05/06, jill wrote:
    > On 3/04/06, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 3/04/06, jill wrote:
    >>> action=view¤t=MVC-136S.jpg
    > how did you do that? thanks, jill
    > by the by this is domino(l) and stormy(r)

    How To Post A Photo On Birdmart

    1. Set up an on-line photo account with Sony Image Station,
    or Photobucket ( I use Sony Image
    Station… http:// You can feel secure with these
    sites and make the decision if you would like others to have the
    option of viewing your photos or not.
    2. Once your account is established, upload the photos from
    your computer to the site. You need to do this in order to post
    a photo on to the Birdmart Boards.
    3. When your photos are loaded, click on the photo that you
    would like to post and enlarge it. It will present itself. Put
    your cursor on the photo and right click. A menu will appear and
    you want to look for “properties.” Click on this and another
    window will open with technical information about the photo. You
    will see a URL address. Highlight all of the information in this
    line and right click copy it. Now go to the Birdmart board.
    4. If you are starting a post or responding to one, make a
    choice. The screen that opens will have an “Image URL” line.
    DELETE the http:// that is provided in the line and “paste” the
    image address that you have stored in your right click button
    from Sony Image station or whatever program you choose. You
    deleted the http:// because the one that you copied has one of
    it’s own and including both, will not allow you to post your
    5. If you have done everything correctly, your photo will
    appear. If not, a small box with a red x will appear.