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Re: trying to put on pics michael L

Posted by jill on 3/05/06
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    On 3/05/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 3/05/06, jill wrote:
    >> On 3/04/06, Michael L wrote:
    >>> On 3/04/06, jill wrote:
    >>>> action=view¤t=MVC-136S.jpg
    >> how did you do that? thanks, jill
    >> by the by this is domino(l) and stormy(r)
    > How To Post A Photo On Birdmart
    > 1. Set up an on-line photo account with Sony Image Station,
    > or Photobucket ( I use Sony Image
    > Station… http:// You can feel secure with
    > sites and make the decision if you would like others to have the
    > option of viewing your photos or not.
    > 2. Once your account is established, upload the photos from
    > your computer to the site. You need to do this in order to post
    > a photo on to the Birdmart Boards.
    > 3. When your photos are loaded, click on the photo that you
    > would like to post and enlarge it. It will present itself. Put
    > your cursor on the photo and right click. A menu will appear
    > you want to look for “properties.” Click on this and another
    > window will open with technical information about the photo.
    > will see a URL address. Highlight all of the information in
    > line and right click copy it. Now go to the Birdmart board.
    > 4. If you are starting a post or responding to one, make a
    > choice. The screen that opens will have an “Image URL” line.
    > DELETE the http:// that is provided in the line and “paste” the
    > image address that you have stored in your right click button
    > from Sony Image station or whatever program you choose. You
    > deleted the http:// because the one that you copied has one of
    > it’s own and including both, will not allow you to post your
    > photo.
    > 5. If you have done everything correctly, your photo will
    > appear. If not, a small box with a red x will appear.

    thanks...i'm gonna try it with pecker's pic. he's my dad's little
    buddy, jill