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Post: kicking out eggs

Posted by Mark Wright on 3/04/06

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    I have 9 budgies in a flight cage. I have hung nestboxes
    inside the cage. One hen laid 3 eggs and seemed not to be
    attentive. She then kick the three eggs out of the box
    and they broke. Another hen laid 4 eggs and was sitting
    regularly on the eggs. The first hen laid an egg again so
    I put it with the other clutch while the hen was out. The
    next day all her eggs were kick out.
    What do i do?
    I very sucessfully breed lovebirds. I have only one pair
    of lovebirds per breeding cage with a nestbox attached. I
    have had 10-12 clutches over the few yrs.
    The budgies are continuing to nest and mate...

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