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Re: kicking out eggs

Posted by jill on 3/05/06
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    On 3/04/06, Mark Wright wrote:
    > I have 9 budgies in a flight cage. I have hung nestboxes
    > inside the cage. One hen laid 3 eggs and seemed not to be
    > attentive. She then kick the three eggs out of the box
    > and they broke. Another hen laid 4 eggs and was sitting
    > regularly on the eggs. The first hen laid an egg again so
    > I put it with the other clutch while the hen was out. The
    > next day all her eggs were kick out.
    > What do i do?
    > I very sucessfully breed lovebirds. I have only one pair
    > of lovebirds per breeding cage with a nestbox attached. I
    > have had 10-12 clutches over the few yrs.
    > The budgies are continuing to nest and mate...
    > Help

    the unattentive mom may just not be mature enough to deal
    with egg laying. as far as the other went. usually(in my
    exp) mothers don't throw out eggs unless they have sat on
    them for a while and they haven't hatched. it isn't uncommon
    at all for first clutches to be non fertile. it is possible
    to raise babies in a community cage but seems much less
    troublesome in separte cages. good luck, jill