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Re: Is my Baby a he or a she

Posted by Kitty.J on 3/09/06
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    Well yes she does like to regurgitate some for to be especailly
    when i stick my tongue out she'll start to spit up some seeds
    and whatever else is in her crop, but my males do this too! I
    heard only males would hump your hand, but i do not believe
    males will go in a cupped hand and start kicking their feet
    around making purring noises but then again... i wouldn't know
    lol becuase i never had my males do this noor my semi-tame
    female do this. Baby is so funny but weird. lol. If she is a
    girl i thought that at the beginning because all the babies in
    the clutch turned out boys and i always thought that atleast
    there would be one female, and i guess i was right?