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Re: Broken wing (humor bone)

Posted by Marcos Gomez on 3/09/06
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    Thanks MKay for responding.
    Normally I have the 2 keets in a large Cockatiel cage. But my
    vet asked me if I could seperate them because he said my keet
    with the broken wing should be kept in a smaller cage, with all
    the perch or perches at floor level so that the bird would not
    move around to much. If he remained in the Cockatiel cage, he
    would be jumping from perch to perch and doing a lot of
    movement. He also thought that my other Keet would remove the
    bandage on the broken wing.

    What you have said is exactly what I was thinking. First he is
    seperated from his good buddy. And let me tell you, it is he
    (broken wing) that is crazy for the other one. So he has to miss
    miss his friend. Second, he has been displaced from his original
    home. He has been in the Cockatiel cage longer than his buddy
    who remains there. Third, he has the bandage on which is clearly
    irritating him. He does not know why it's there. I called the
    vet today and explained this all to him and he said well...."you
    know the situtaion better than me and you have to consider what
    I have said versus the real life situation. He said you need to
    keep in mind that for that wing to heal properly, the wing needs
    to remain stable. He said it is a broken bone and just like a
    human has to imobilize their bone and remove all stress, the
    same applies for a bird. He went on to say that in the wild,
    birds break bones all the time and invariably they recover to
    some extent, but he was trying to set and tape the wing so that
    the bone will have a better probability of healing better.
    However his progonosis was "guarded".

    OK, so the prognosis is guarded, bones heal naturally albeit not
    very well in the wild. Is it worth it? Maybe yes. Maybe no. One
    thing is certain. His wings are trimmed and he could have made
    the normal short flights and landings that a bird with trimmed
    wings can do. Now, with the broken wing, he can't do that. If he
    flies off the table, he will drop like a kite. Hence I decided
    to follow the doctors protocol and not respond emotionally.
    Since I made this firs post the chirping only occurs in streaks.
    One chirps the other follows and this goes back and forth for a
    few minutes. However this only happens every couple of hours. So
    it is occuring with less frequency

    Lastly, and I hope everyone gets this far. I have a very good
    hand/bird relations. He allows me to massage his head, neck, and
    under his chin. He loves that so much. But now, for the first
    time, when I reach into his cage, at first (at times) his bites
    have gotten harder....he has NEVER bitten me like this in the
    past....What's going on here? What should I do? And this no type
    of beak activity trooubles me very much.....

    Your reply is welcome....all others as well

    On 3/09/06, MKay wrote:
    > Marcos,
    > Did your vet advise you to keep the birds separated? I
    > won't for a second try to advise on the recovery time for a
    > broken humerus on a budgie, but I can safely guess that the
    > injury alone is causing immense stress for that little guy.
    > I wonder if you try putting him back with his buddy, only if
    > you can monitor them closely? Maybe your vet advised
    > against this, but why make them scream for eachother? His
    > emotional state will effect the healing process. If they
    > must be in separate cages, why not right next to eachother,
    > with perches adjacent so that they can at least comfort
    > eachother 'through the bars' so to speak?
    > On 3/09/06, Marcos Gomez wrote:
    >> My 4 month old budge managed to break her wing when she got
    >> stuck on my CD storage stack. Actually, I think it broke
    >> when she panicked trying to unstick herself.
    >> So I took her to the vet who kept her over night trying to
    >> best find a taping that he would tolerate. He would not
    >> accept the traditional taping of the wing to the body. So
    > he
    >> simply taped the wing shut. I have had to place him in a
    >> very small cage with 2 perchs at ground level. He is
    >> miserable because he is away from his mate who is in a
    >> cockatiel cage alone waiting for his return. They are both
    >> crying and screaming for each other periodicaly throughout
    >> the day. And they are both angry at me for seperating them.
    >> I feel horible.
    >> It has been 3 days like this and I will have to wait 6
    > weeks
    >> to see if this will work, but I don't know if I can keep
    >> them seperated that long. It is not as if I can explain to
    >> them that they need to have patience.
    >> Anyone have any advise? Will the wing/humor bone repair?
    >> Opinions welcome
    >> Marcos