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Re: Broken wing (humor bone)

Posted by Fran on 3/10/06
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    Marcos, six weeks seems like a long time for your bird to be in
    a splint. My cockatiel broke her leg years ago and was in a cast
    for three weeks. My vet told me at the time that birds' bones
    heal much faster than mammals, due to their metabolism and bone
    structure. So you may not have as long a road as you think, as
    your vet may decide to take the bandage off sooner, check with
    him on this.
    As far as; is it worth it, I'm not sure what you're referring
    to, but if its' is it worth saving your budgie, definitely yes!
    Since he is a pet bird who lives in a cage anyway, the ability
    to fly is not a big deal if he doesn't regain it fully (which he
    very well may). Actually it's not all that uncommon for pet
    birds to lose a wing entirely due to injury or illness and
    survive fine as pets.
    I would stay the course and in the meantime pamper your injured
    budgie as much as possible. If not already, get him some millet
    sprays or a "honey stick" and put on the bottom of his cage for
    him to enjoy.

    As far as the biting, your bird has been through a very
    stressful ordeal. For the first time in his life he was handled
    in a painful way by humans while the vet was attending him.
    This, of course could not be avoided, but it will take a little
    while for the trauma to wear off and for him to trust hands

    I think you are doing fine with him. Just pamper, give him his
    time and I feel he will heal nicely, and possibly bond closer to
    you in the end. I think animals have sense for when they are
    being taken care of. My cockatiel who broke his leg, though mad
    at first, ended up being my closest bonded bird.