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Re: Broken wing (humor bone)

Posted by Fran on 3/10/06
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    On 3/10/06, Marcos Gomez wrote:
    > Thanks Fran for your suggestions. At this point, I really only
    > wonder one thing. (I'll try to be concise)
    > The vet says I should keep him in a smaller cage. He is constantly
    > chirping and warbling with his buddy in the other cage. Isn't that
    > causing additional stress? The vet wanted him in the smaller cage
    > so he would not be as mobile. In theory that is fine. But in
    > reality, he keeps moving around and pinning himself to the cage
    > bars trying to get to his chirping buddy. He loves his buddy,
    > chasing and preening endlessly when together.
    > So here is the question, isn't any possible benefit of him being
    > isolated in a smaller cage so that he can heal, outweighed by the
    > fact that if he was back with his buddy in the cockatiel cage, he
    > would be close with him, and thus less stressful? To make matters
    > worse, his buddy is stressed because he misses the bird with the
    > broken wing.
    > I am just at the point where I feel they need to be together again,
    > and I want to pull him out of loneliness and isolation of the
    > little cage to put him back with his buddy in the big cockatiel
    > cage. The vet just does not seem to understand the true dynamics as
    > to what is happening here.
    > Comments welcome....Marcos

    Well, I think what your vet is worried about is exactly as you stated, that when together
    they are chasing and preening endlessly. If they get together and get active, the splint
    may very well be displaced, or working together they may be able to "preen" it off.

    The general rule of thumb is to isolate an injured bird so it can rest and recove. However I
    understand your point that the birds are under a tremendous amount of stress. Does it not
    help to have their cages side by side?

    What do you think about putting the healthy bird in with the injured one. This way he
    would still be in a smaller cage with low perches, but will have his buddy with him, and
    possibly wouldn't be able to move around quite as much as in the large cage. If things
    start to get too rowdy, you can take the well budgie out.

    If they did manage to get the splint displaced your vet could rebandage it. By the way,
    what are their names?