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Re: Broken wing (humor bone)

Posted by Marcos Gomez on 3/10/06
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    On 3/10/06, Marcos Gomez wrote:
    > On 3/10/06, Fran wrote:
    >> On 3/10/06, Marcos Gomez wrote:
    >>> Thanks Fran for your suggestions. At this point, I really only
    >>> wonder one thing. (I'll try to be concise)
    >>> The vet says I should keep him in a smaller cage. He is constantly
    >>> chirping and warbling with his buddy in the other cage. Isn't that
    >>> causing additional stress? The vet wanted him in the smaller cage
    >>> so he would not be as mobile. In theory that is fine. But in
    >>> reality, he keeps moving around and pinning himself to the cage
    >>> bars trying to get to his chirping buddy. He loves his buddy,
    >>> chasing and preening endlessly when together.
    >>> So here is the question, isn't any possible benefit of him being
    >>> isolated in a smaller cage so that he can heal, outweighed by the
    >>> fact that if he was back with his buddy in the cockatiel cage, he
    >>> would be close with him, and thus less stressful? To make matters
    >>> worse, his buddy is stressed because he misses the bird with the
    >>> broken wing.
    >>> I am just at the point where I feel they need to be together again,
    >>> and I want to pull him out of loneliness and isolation of the
    >>> little cage to put him back with his buddy in the big cockatiel
    >>> cage. The vet just does not seem to understand the true dynamics as
    >>> to what is happening here.
    >>> Comments welcome....Marcos
    >> Marcos,
    >> Well, I think what your vet is worried about is exactly as you
    > stated, that when together
    >> they are chasing and preening endlessly. If they get together and
    > get active, the splint
    >> may very well be displaced, or working together they may be able
    > to "preen" it off.
    >> The general rule of thumb is to isolate an injured bird so it can
    > rest and recove. However I
    >> understand your point that the birds are under a tremendous amount of
    > stress. Does it not
    >> help to have their cages side by side?
    >> What do you think about putting the healthy bird in with the injured
    > one. This way he
    >> would still be in a smaller cage with low perches, but will have his
    > buddy with him, and
    >> possibly wouldn't be able to move around quite as much as in the
    > large cage. If things
    >> start to get too rowdy, you can take the well budgie out.
    >> If they did manage to get the splint displaced your vet could
    > rebandage it. By the way,
    >> what are their names?
    > Hi Fran....
    > My injured bird's name is Von sherbach (Vonci) and the healthy one is
    > Shusterman (Shusti). I was think of putting Shusti in with Vonci in the
    > smaller cage. But the cage is really to small for one keet. I did not
    > buy the cage, someone gave it to me. I would never put any kind of bird
    > in a cage this small. It's one of those super small triangular cages.
    > with the two doors for food cups on the sides, and the middle door that
    > is barely big enough to put your fist in. But I have two perches in it
    > and both are on the bottom level so Vonci would not have to climb
    > perches. Big deal, so what does he do? He hops to the bars and climbs
    > the cage all over the place when Shusti starts calling for him. Ok, I
    > have to believe that has to put stress on the broken bone in some way.
    > There is no winning here.
    > On the other hand, if I put Vonci in the larger cage, they would just
    > stay together on the high purch preening each other. Remember, most
    > preening takes place around the neck, head, upper back. This is so
    > because this is an area that they cannot reach on their own. I rarely
    > see any preening on or near the wings. The reason for that is that this
    > is an area where they preen themselves. What I am saying is these two
    > don't even move from each other. They don't play with themselves..or
    > the toys. They just stay close to each other ...face to face...beak to
    > beak.....or preening each other all day. If one goes down to eat, the
    > other does. If one goes to sleep, the other does. Most of the time they
    > don't even jump purches. They climb, down the bars, one after another
    > to get to the food. If one uses the stone. The other follows or does so
    > at the same time. Talking about love!!
    > I guess what I am saying, is that at least if I put them together in
    > the small cage or the large cage, the stress factor of them being apart
    > will be removed from Vonci. Sure he will still have the stress of the
    > splint/taped wing, but, that will seem minor in the overall scheme of
    > things....Thanks again Fran....

    Sorry Jim.....I confused you with error and thanks for your