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Re: Broken wing (humor bone)--idea

Posted by Marcos Gomez on 3/10/06
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    Hi Mkay
    That is also a thought that has crossed my mind. (many times). I just might do
    that tomorrow. I need to be sure that Shusti is not going do more than just
    preen Vonci. He, knowing that things may not be all that comfortable for
    Vonci, may very well take it upon himself to try and remove the splint/taped

    But there is some good news this evening. The chirping back and forth has been
    reduced dramatically. Even Shusti seems a bit more at ease. My preference of
    course, is to stay the course. As a previous poster has mentioned, a few weeks
    of quasi isolation is not much in the overall scheme of things.

    For some reason though, his injured wing seems to shake a lot. I don't think
    it's pain because when I approach him, and talk to him softly, the wing stops
    shaking and his eyes appears more content. On the lighter side, I never
    thought I would have have a calming affect on a bird.

    Anyway all have been very helpful I appreciate the support and
    suggestions. ............. Marcos

    On 3/10/06, MKay wrote:
    > Marcos, what about putting them both back into the cage that they know and
    > love, and removing the higher perches? Put EVERYTHING low, so that Vonci
    > isn't tempted to climb for entertainment.