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Re: Broken wing/Marcos Thanks for the support

Posted by Marcos on 3/14/06
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    Hi Jim
    Thanks for asking. He is doing much better. At he suggestion of a few here, as
    well as following my heart. I moved Vonci and Shusti together in my medium sized
    cage. (still small by most standard for 2 keets). But they are doing wonderfully.
    Love,love and more love. I really don't think they give a dam if they have a lot
    of flight space or not. They NEVER want to leave the cage. Bottom line, I can see
    the difference. They have their couple of little toys with bells and treats. In a
    few weaks, the verdict will be in when we untape vonci's wing. Hey, if all I can
    do is hope for the best. By the way, now that he is back in the cage with Shusti,
    he is not biting as much....a net/net win.

    In the meantime everyone, I had the old Cockatiel cage and this lady who has been
    selling and raising birds for years, has something (someone) I fell in love with.
    A conure !! There is not much you can put in a cockatiel cage but a bunch of keets
    or a cockatiel of course. He was so well behaved in the store. Let's me rub his
    neck and head. But once he got home......all bet's were off. I can see this one
    will need a little work. But I have to figure if he was good in the store, he
    should be ok here.....Later

    On 3/14/06, Jim wrote:
    > On 3/10/06, Marcos Gomez wrote:
    > I appreciate the support and
    >> suggestions. ............. Marcos
    > ..
    > How is Vonci going Marcos?
    > Jim