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Re: Older Keet

Posted by jill on 3/13/06
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    On 3/13/06, Popcorn wrote:
    > I have a female parakeet that is almost 5 years old.
    > in with my male keet who is about 3. My male seems to
    > to breed. My female does not. Is it possible for her to
    > lay eggs or is she too old. I do not want eggs so I need
    > to know so that I can disuade them if I need to!
    > Thanks
    > Popcorn!

    it is possible for them to breed but unlike tiels, keets
    generally won't lay in single pairs and they usually wait
    till you put up a nest box. if you see them breed...when the
    eggs come you can shake them and they will not hatch. hope
    this is helpful. jill