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Re: Older Keet

Posted by Kitty.J on 3/14/06
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    On 3/13/06, jill wrote:
    > On 3/13/06, Popcorn wrote:
    >> I have a female parakeet that is almost 5 years old.
    > She's
    >> in with my male keet who is about 3. My male seems to
    > want
    >> to breed. My female does not. Is it possible for her to
    >> lay eggs or is she too old. I do not want eggs so I need
    >> to know so that I can disuade them if I need to!
    >> Thanks
    >> Popcorn!
    > it is possible for them to breed but unlike tiels, keets
    > generally won't lay in single pairs and they usually wait
    > till you put up a nest box. if you see them breed...when the
    > eggs come you can shake them and they will not hatch. hope
    > this is helpful. jill

    From my experience thats not true. I have had a single pair of
    parakeets breed perfectly, and so have a couple of my friends
    who tried to breed them. Budgies are very frisky and will try
    to breed a lot, even without a nest, i have seen my pair do
    so, and had to provide a nest box for her while she laid, and
    i put fake canary eggs in her box and exposed of the eggs,
    this happened to me several time, but if i have left the eggs
    with her no doubt they would be fertile. I already
    successfully breed her twice over the summer and didn't want
    to take the chance of her breeding and having more chicks. SO
    be careful, budgies can be just like zebra finches, lol. But
    since your female does not want to breed, you shouldn't have
    to worry just watch them and make sure the female isn't
    starting to chew up newspaper and letting her mate semi-mount
    her (sticking a foot on her back and hopping off) If you do
    not wish for them to breed either shake up her eggs ( i heard
    once that someone did this and a single chick was hatched and
    mutated, so i do not do this) or either get fake eggs and
    replace them. Also since your female is 5yrs of age, it
    wouldn't be wise to breed her too late, 6 at the latest, but
    it is usually the males that could be bred untill 6yrs old.
    But the older they get the more brittle the bones and the more
    infertile they become. Good luck