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Re: Foreman Grill /Jim

Posted by Katie on 3/25/06
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    On 3/24/06, Dave wrote:
    > On 3/24/06, Jim wrote:
    >> On 3/24/06, Dave wrote:
    >>> On 3/24/06, Katie wrote:
    >>>> I will be bringing home a Budgie in a few weeks. I've been
    >>>> reading up on the dangers of things like non-stick cookware
    >>>> and space heaters. I'm wondering: does my George Foreman
    >>>> grill fall into the category of dangerous items? Thank
    >>> you.
    >>> No, not at all. The only way that item will hurt your budgie
    >>> is if the grill lid is open and hot and your bird should
    >>> accidently fly and land in it-------Dave
    >> ..
    >> I thought I should not use my George Foreman griller because
    >> I have a Galah in the house and one of the roomies has a
    >> Budgie. I do not cook much anyway but
    >> told the two girls living here they could not use that griller
    >> because of the coating and actually as it was a gift and I
    >> really liked using it (never knew the coating of teflon or
    >> whatever things are coated with are a health hazard either)
    >> until I read these board, I was sorry I could not make toasted
    >> sandwiches and cook hamburgers in it so Dave I am very pleased
    >> to hear the George Foreman Grill is safe. It must be coated
    >> with something else which is safe? I was thinking perhaps
    >> because the lid closes? but oven doors do also so it must just
    >> be a safe type of coating?
    >> Thanks
    >> Jim
    >> p.s. Glad you asked Katie.
    > Jim
    > The subject of cooking utensils that have teflon coating where
    > it concerns hazards to birds has gotten blown out of proportion
    > in the last couple of years. The GF Grill has teflon coating. The
    > only thing you have to worry about is keeping your bird/birds out
    > of the kitchen when cooking. The grill is self contained and
    > cools very quickly as opposed to larger cooking utensils. Any
    > person's birds should not be in a kitchen when cooking is going
    > on and it has nothing to do with teflon. There's boiling water,
    > pots heating up vegetables, hot stove tops, sinks that have dirty
    > dishes and grease inside, sharp knives and forks laying around
    > etc etc. That's why birds shouldn't be in the kitchen when
    > cooking is going on. As a matter of fact, birds shouldn't be in
    > kitchens when any type of food preparation is going on be it hot
    > or cold preparation. Many uninformed people have actually gotten
    > rid of all their brand new Teflon coated cooking pots and
    > utensils and purchased lesser quality stuff. Other people who've
    > been even more frightened by what they're heard have gotten rid
    > of their hair dryers because there's a teflon filiment built in.
    > On and on and on.---I have 2 GF Grills, the large one and the
    > small one and they nor any other teflon coated cooking product I
    > own has ever caused my birds the slightest problems. I simply
    > keep my birds out of cooking areas unless I decide that one of
    > the parrots would make a good meal that night.-------Dave

    Thanks for the answer, Dave!