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Re: Thanks again Dave/and again

Posted by Jim on 3/26/06
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    On 3/25/06, Jim wrote:
    > On 3/25/06, Dave wrote>>>> Jim
    >> Send me your full Email address---I have some interesting
    >> pictures you might like from Australia.-----Dave
    >>> Jim
    > ..
    > Thanks mate. Love to see them.
    > I have used the instead of blue_dog
    > which I wanted, but gave up after trying number after number as there
    > must be so many using Blue Dog.
    > My family have always owned a Blue Heeler Dog which is an Australian
    > Cattle Dog and the most faithful dog anyone would want to own.
    > Jim.

    Great pics. Dave. Your friends live in the same area as I am Victoria.
    We have around 50 Galahs in the yard on any given day and many Cockys.
    also, along with other parrots. It is a great place to live.
    I have just come inside after feeding a Kookaburra on the deck by hand.
    Great bird and a great privilege to hand feed one.
    p.s. re your question! ME? Never been controversial in my life wink wink
    nudge nudge lol. See you later mate my day begins.