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Re: Foreman Grill safe for birds?dave

Posted by jill on 3/27/06
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    hey dave... my kitchen is all the way to the back of my
    house and my birds are all the way to the frount of the
    house. will teflon bother them? i have used it though i have
    to say not too often and it hasn't seemed to bother them yet
    but as the weather warms up i'll be opening windows and the
    breeze may carry fumes. also, is it ok to use carpet fresh
    as long as it's not in the same room with the birds? thanks,

    On 3/24/06, Katie wrote:
    > I will be bringing home a Budgie in a few weeks. I've been
    > reading up on the dangers of things like non-stick cookware
    > and space heaters. I'm wondering: does my George Foreman
    > grill fall into the category of dangerous items? Thank