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Posted by Dave on 3/27/06
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    On 3/27/06, jill wrote:
    > hey dave... my kitchen is all the way to the back of my
    > house and my birds are all the way to the frount of the
    > house. will teflon bother them? i have used it though i have
    > to say not too often and it hasn't seemed to bother them yet
    > but as the weather warms up i'll be opening windows and the
    > breeze may carry fumes. also, is it ok to use carpet fresh
    > as long as it's not in the same room with the birds? thanks,
    > jill

    Your house setup is ideal. Your birds are extremely far away
    from your cooking area. You won't have the slightest problems
    as far as air coming in, that won't be a problem either. Any
    air that comes in has to go out and the only way that someone
    can have flowing air in a house is by having 2 windows open so
    no air will just stay there and get stagnant.
    As far as carpet fresh,if it's a spray that quickly fades away
    then there's no problem. That applies to all sprays that
    quickly disappear. If you need to clean the bird's area, just
    move the cages to another place until all the smell is gone. If
    you feel nervous, JUST MOVE THE CAGES. Don't let your house get
    dirty! If you do then you're gonna need to use much stronger
    cleaners in the future. Also as far as carpet cleaners--if
    you're gonna do a major steam rug cleaning then your birds are
    definitely have to be moved because what's in that stuff
    lingers and lingers.
    This is a little tip and trick when cleaning a room or area
    with heavy duty stuff. After you finish cleaning whatever area
    you're in, either put an exhaust fan on in the window and let
    it suck out the chemical odors. If you don't have an exhaust
    fan, simply take a regular fan, put it next to the window and
    have it aiming out the window. Turn on the fan, have the air
    blowing out the window and it'll act just like an exhaust
    unit. Let it run for a while until the air is nice and fresh.---
    > On 3/24/06, Katie wrote:
    >> I will be bringing home a Budgie in a few weeks. I've been
    >> reading up on the dangers of things like non-stick cookware
    >> and space heaters. I'm wondering: does my George Foreman
    >> grill fall into the category of dangerous items? Thank
    > you.