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Re: male aggressive behavior

Posted by jill on 4/01/06
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    hi...i know this might sound dumb, but are you sure you have
    the sexes on them correct? this male seems to be displaying
    female attitude. it isn't uncommon for females to act just
    this way toward males or other females or even you for that
    matter!!!they tend to be very broody and moody and NO means NO
    and well....maybe later!lolol If you did have them backwards
    that would explain everything! since you have just put them
    together i'd give them just a little more time. sometimes if
    you have an older bird they will have already been paired
    before and it takes time for that bond to the other mate to
    fade. i do agree with kitty about cage size as it is very
    important to have plenty of space for the little darlings to
    get away from one another when they want to. if your male is
    an older bird he could be in his regular molt also. that is
    very stressful on them and tends to make even the males
    cranky. males are generally very good natured and don't act
    aggressivly toward anybody much less another friend but if he
    is having health issues it would explain it. hope this helps
    you. jill

    On 3/31/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Seems like they have not bonded yet. Have they been recently
    > paired together or have been together for a long time and in
    > the past they have shown love and compassion? Well my pairs
    > sometimes show a bit of annoyance with their significant
    > other half. But they love each other. Sometimes in the
    > molting season like (right now) birds need their space even
    > from their beloved human companions. My bird Kiki had a
    > horrible molt (so he seemed to tell me) he nipped and did
    > not want any love though I let him out of the cage he seemed
    > to be upset and he would just stair into the mirror toy I
    > have for him and wonder “I am still beautiful, right?” But
    > he is mostly out of his molt and he is gorgeous and he seems
    > to think so too. His attitude has changed and his love for
    > me is overwhelming, lol. Also if this pair of birds are not
    > in their molt and have showed aggression then they may not
    > be meant for eachother, just like humans, birds need to find
    > that special one and that male seems to think the female
    > following him around is just not for him. But a lot of times
    > in budgies that opinion changes as time goes on and they get
    > to know eachother. Also many times out of breeding season
    > the pairs may not show love for one another but I have not
    > seen that with my birds but I have heard it happens. And
    > what size cage are your birds in and how many perches and
    > are their toys? Birds do find “favorite” spots in their
    > cages, maybe your males has choses spots?